Ideabase - Football Competition



This set of files contains all you need to run a Football Competition.

Where did the idea come from?

We have long held 5-a-side Football Competitions each year in our District (7-a-side for Beavers). This is normally a popular competition. This set of resources enabled me to solve long running problems such as communication, inappropriate parental involvement, lack of understanding, the ability to run the league efficiently and more.

Do they really make a difference?

This material can help you run the event smoothly. I instigated a set of resources that allowed us to book in teams quickly, work out who was playing who in the leagues, keep track of the leagues and scores and award the certificates. We also made sure that the briefing was to all parents, leaders, teams and refs and that we emphasised it was NOT the World Cup and the most important set of rules to obey were the Scout Law. Any deviation from this and teams would be disqualified (e.g. unsportsmanlike attitude, parents berating the ref or other people, foul play, hard tackles). Rules were printed on bright yellow card, laminated and posted around the site. Rules and programmes were sent out and explained months in advance at meetings.

OK, How do I go about making them then??

I constructed my original materials using Microsoft Word 97 and Publisher 2000. You can make use of templates and ready made files/wizards to give you the basic layout that you prefer. A simple modification of the text can give you a usable challenge in a short amount of time.