Ideabase - Baggy's Guides



These guides are created by myself by popular demand from Scouts or Parents. They outline the main points and ideas on a particular subject and where to get further info. Some of these are shown here including guides on equipment and hiking.

Why do you have them?

If several people are asking me the same questions regularly I find it worthwhile to create a short guide to the main points. It saves an awful lot of time and effort because I dont have to keep repeating myself or spend ages talking to parents one by one during or after a meeting.

Do they really make a difference?

They certainly seem to be very useful in cases of extreme insomnia! I am sure they do serve a purpose and at least the Scouts and parents have a reference to which they can refer. At least they cannot complain that there "were not told about xyz".

Ok, how do I go about making them?

These were constructed in Word. Simply lay it out like a short book taking care to use heading styles for the titles of each section. You can then insert a table of contents with ease using the inbuilt function in Word.