Ideabase - Handcraft Competition



This set of files contains all you need to run a Handcraft Competition.

Where did the idea come from?

We have long held a Handcraft Competition each year in our District. This is normally a popular competition, although when I was ADC the Scout Handcraft was waning a bit so we swapped it out for some more adventurous competitions. This set of resources enabled me to solve long running problems such as administration, layout, labelling, communication and planning.

Do they really make a difference?

This material can help you run the event smoothly. I instigated a set of resources that allowed us to lay out the categories clearly, work out the scoring system and allow our team of outside judges to easily classify and award points. Rules and the scoring system were posted around the hall and the programme serves as both a rule book and for details of where and when to go and what the categories are. Typically the programme would be sent out as soon as possible, at the very least 6 months before the event.

OK, How do I go about making them then??

I constructed my original materials using Microsoft Word 97 and Publisher 2000. You can make use of templates and ready made files/wizards to give you the basic layout that you prefer. A simple modification of the text can give you a usable challenge in a short amount of time.