Ideabase - Hike Challenges



This set of files contains all you need to run a Hike Challenge.

Where did the idea come from?

One year as ADC Scouts I decided to set some challenges to all the Groups in the District in order to encourage even more outdoor activities. This took the form of a set of challenges that would be issued to all Groups.

The same year we issued a challenge to walk as much of the London Loop as possible. My group managed to complete all but a handful of sections (a challenge we still want to finish!) and they presented a brilliant set of reports and photos at the District AGM

Do they really make a difference?

They proved popular with some Groups. My own group undertook quite a few of the challenges and my Scouts were quite inventive as to how many challenges they could complete when they were planning a Backwoods Camp. The more challenges completed (with evidence) the more points scored. Prizes could be given for those who have done the most (originally I was going to have some badges made but some of my own Scouts scored the highest and they wanted to be rewarded with ... more challenges and a camp to complete them on!

OK, How do I go about making them then??

I constructed my original challenges using Microsoft Word 97. You can make use of Word's templates and ready made files/wizards to give you the basic layout that you prefer. A simple modification of the text can give you a usable challenge in a short amount of time.