Knots - Stopper Knots


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Figure of Eight Crown Knot Overhand Knot Wall Knot Sink Stopper
Diamond Knot Stevedore Knot Monkey's Fist Stopper Knot Matthew Walker Knot Manrope Knot


Stopper Knots are often used to bind the end of a rope so it does not fray. They can also be used to stop a rope from slipping through a hole or to provide a handhold. If you are throwing a rope tying a stopper knot to add weight to the end will make your job a lot easier.

Figure of Eight - It is easy to untie and can be quickly tied

Crown Knot - Used to start more complex knots

Overhand Knot - The simplest of all knots

Wall Knot - Very similar to the Crown Knot

Sink Stopper - Useful for stopping a thin rope from slipping out of a hole

Diamond Knot - Strong and nice looking

Stevedore Knot - A bigger version of the Figure of Eight Knot

Monkey's Fist - Very useful for weighting the end of a rope

Stopper Knot - This is a very decorative stopper knot

Matthew Walker Knot - One of the few knots named after a person

Manrope Knot - Tradtionally used on ships