Weather - Book Reviews


Teach yourself Weather


This book is a detailed look at weather and how it is created. It goes into detail about all the aspects of cloud, wind and general weather pattern formation with an emphasis on the science behind the processes.

It may not be suitable for direct reading by young people but it certainly contains all the information you would need. It also has some things often omitted by other books such as weather lore and how forecasting works.

d the advanced stuff if required) needed to teach the badge confidently.

A Colour Guide to Clouds


Getting on in age now but a very useful book. It contains some excellent pictures clearly illustrating the different types of clouds. Each picture has a short narrative explaining the weather phenomemanon and science behind the cloud formation.

The front of the book contains an overview of cloud names, formation and motions along with some black and white diagrams.

A good place to start browsing.

Collins Gem Weather


This is one of the Collins Gem pocket books. They are normally excellent and this one is no exception. It covers all the aspects of weather you could ever want to know about.

From cloud formation and types, through wind to severe weather and general observation it has it all. It is clearly laid out with many excellent colour photos and diagrams.

As it says on the back of the book, "a mine of information" and well worth the asking price.

BBC Weather Activity Set


BBC Weather Activity Set


Found in all good shops

Complete activity kit in a box

Try WH Smith

This is a complete activity set for weather. Aimed at children from 8 to early teens it contains all you need to get started. It has a basic 'Weather Centre' and a small booklet. There is a mock weather chart of Britain complete with weather symbols and ideas on how to construct your own instruments.