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This is a Hat

Equipment: An object

The leader starts by holding the object and saying "This is a Hat" miming what they have described. The object is passed to someone else who must mime and describe another use for it, e.g. "This is a cricket bat". Play continues until players run out of ideas.


Equipment: None

The leader asks everyone to clap when the they do. The leader holds their hands above their head and makes obvious claps although sometimes they stop short of actually clapping.

Pip, Pop

Equipment: None

The leader turns to a player and says ‘Pip‘. The player must then say the opposite, ‘Pop‘. If the leader says ‘Pop‘ the player must say ‘Pip‘. The leader gradually increases the difficulty by saying things like ‘Pip Pip, Pop, Pop, Pip‘ to which the answer is ‘Pop, Pop, Pip, Pip, Pop‘.


Equipment: None

Each player finds a space and balances on one leg. Then all the players shut their eyes tightly and try to balance for one minute.


Equipment: None

Two players face each other and start talking about a different subject as fast as they can. No gestures or physical contact is allowed. The first player to either stop talking or burst out laughing loses.


Equipment: Chair, matchbox

The player sits on a chair and the matchbox is placed on its end behind one of the chair legs. The player must try to pick up the box in their teeth without leaving the chair. If they fall off the chair or touch the ground they have failed

Wall Ball

Equipment: Wall, ball

Players are numbered. Number 1 kicks the ball at the wall. When it bounces off player 2 must kick the ball at the wall and so on. If a player fails to hit the wall or takes more than one kick they lose a life. Play continues until only 1 player is left


Equipment: None

Players close their eyes and walk around very slowly. Whenever they bump into another player they whisper ‘Sorry‘ and carry on. The leader chooses one of the players. Whenever this player bumps into someone they whisper ‘Potato‘ and the player who was bumped into must open their eyes and site out. Play continues until only one player is left

Hot and Cold Clapping

Equipment: None

One player goes out of the room while the remaining players come up with a simple task for them to do (e.g. open a book). The player returns and tries to perform the task (they do not know what it is !). The other players clap louder and faster the closer the player is to performing the task. As the player moves further from the task they clap slowly and quietly until the task is completed.


Equipment: None

Players are split into pairs. Two players stand back to back and one calls out "Start!". The players begin to walk away from each other slowly. After a few steps the first player calls out "Halt!" and they stop and face each other. The second player then says how many steps they think it would take them to reach their opponent. The opponent comes up with a lower figure if they think they can do it in less or must say "Prove it!". The two players continue the auction like ‘banter‘ until one says "Prove it!". The player who has to prove it must stride towards the other player without a run-up in the quoted number or less. If they manage it they win, else they lose the round. Continue play with other pairs. The winners can go on to play other winners and so on.


Equipment: Sheet of newspaper

Cut a hole in the centre of the sheet. Players take it in turns to put their head through the hole and gerney. To gerney they simply pull many different funny faces as they can in a set amount of time. The audience reaction determines their score