Knots: Lashings - Japanese Lashing


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This is an alternative to the square lashing that is suitable for use in light constructions. If you have any doubt about its usefulness or will be subjecting it to a large strain you should take the time to tie a proper square lashing instead.

It is useful in that the only knot you tie is a reef knot so can be used as a basic introduction to lashings.

Step by Step Guide

  • Wrap a loop around the cross pole and ensure that you have equal length running ends.
  • Take the two free ends (together) up over the upright and down behind the cross pole just like a square lashing.
  • Do two or three complete wrapping turns pulling tight.
  • Now separate the two ends and take them either site of the upright pole and cross them over bringing back around to form a frapping turn.
  • Continue the frapping turn (each rope going in the opposite direction) until you have two or three complete turns.
  • Finish with a reef knot on the cross pole next to the lashings.