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Astronomy is often one of those subjects that can hold the fascination of young and old alike without them having to learn a great deal about the science or the theory behind it. I feel that it is quite important that observation should play a large part in any astronomy work in Scouting, to maintain that feeling of doing something and to maintain the wonder of the subject when experienced first hand.

I studied Mathematics & Astrophysics to PhD level (I have a first class degree in Mathematics and Astrophysics and I started a PhD in Cosmology - which I did NOT complete for personal reasons). I teach maths, physics and other subjects as well, so if you want any advice on this particular badge please feel free to contact me.

Starry Night


Starry Night™ Complete Space & Astronomy Pack Deluxe Edition is an excellent piece of software that will enable you to take Scouts through their Astronomer badge with ease

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Downloadable Materials

These Astronomy Sheets were created by myself some time ago in order to provide all the information that would be required for the Cub Scout Astronomer Badge. Each subject is explained briefly and simply, along with colour pictures on a single sheet of A4. (My own sheets have been stuck back to back and laminated so that they will stand the rigours of being handled by many Cubs!). Please note that some of the information is now a little out of date (for example, the reclassification of Pluto as a Dwarf Planet or Plutoid).

Downloadable Materials

I have a vast amount of material that I use to teach Astronomy, far too much to offer for download here. If you are interested in a particular aspect of the badge or need a worksheet or a particular subject please feel free to contact me.

Useful Links

It would be impossible to link to every good astronomy resource on the internet as there is an absolute wealth of good information available. Instead I have extracted some of my astronomy bookmarks and presented them here. If you have any trouble finding something you want please feel free to contact me.

Book Reviews

I have selected some books for review.

Resource List

The Resource List is an extensive list of useful contacts and addresses and places to visit.