This section only contains sites of the utmost quality, ones that provide a wide range of services. In addition it features a Website of the Month feature.

Top Scouting Websites

Star Rating


The official UK Scout Association site

Covers all things scouting related.

Highly Recommended

Star Rating

The official UK Scout Association site

A more corporate and public facing site

Top Scouting Websites

Star Rating

Pine Tree Web

History of Scouting

An absolute wealth of information. Must see

Star Rating

Scouts Canada

The official Canadian Scout site

An excellent and well designed site

Star Rating

Scouting Ireland

Scouting in Ireland

Contains a wealth of useful material

Previous Websites of the Month: 2008

Star Rating

Hunkin's Experiments

A good set of experiments for kids

An excellent site to help you with the Scientist badge with over 200 experiments.

Star Rating

Ronnie Sunshines

An outdoor store

An online store selling some items that are not so easy to find elsewhere.

Star Rating

Centurion ESU

An ESU in Hornchurch, GLNE

A good site with plenty of details on their activities

Star Rating


A collection of ideas and resources for Scout leaders

A very good site with some excellent and relevant information

Star Rating

1st Arundel Scouts

An excellent Group site

This site contains a good deal of information about what Arundel Scouts get up to.

Star Rating


July 2008

Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan

A very good site with some useful programme ideas

Star Rating

Network Merseyside

June 2008

An excellent Network site

This site contains a great deal of useful information and resources for those in the Scout Network.

Star Rating

High Viz Shop

May 2008

An excellent source of all things high vis

Very useful for things like night hikes and outdoor activities

Star Rating

Pioneering made easy

April 2008

An excellent site for those interested in pioneering

This site provides a wealth of advice for those who want to tackle some proper pioneering

Star Rating

New Zealand Scouts

March 2008

Does their country proud

This site contains a vast amount of programme resources and ideas

Star Rating

Netherlands Scout Shop

February 2008

Some interesting items

Definately worth a browse

Star Rating

Ropes and Poles

January 2008

A blog that contains some very good ideas and help for pioneering projects

Worth a look for anyone interested in pioneering, from those just starting to those 'old hands' at it

Previous Websites of the Month: 2007

Star Rating

Kettering Gang Show

December 2007

A very good site for their gang show

This show does their gang show proud

Star Rating

Land Navigation

November 2007

Absolutely outstanding explanation of how to use a prismatic compass

This site has a massive amount of information and resources related to using this compass and using a compass in general

Star Rating

B&D Explorers

October 2007

An Explorer website for the Scout District of Barking & Dagenham designed completely by an Explorer in one of the Units.

A very good site designed completely by Explorers

Star Rating

Centurion ESU

September 2007

An Explorer Unit based in Hornchurch. Good information on their activities.

A good Unit site.

Star Rating

The Space Place

August 2007

Whilst aimed at American Cubs this resource from NASA is excellent for Cubs in any country

An excellent set of links and ideas to help with the Astronomy badge.

Star Rating

World Scout Jamboree

July 2007

Outstanding information on the biggest celebration of Scouting ever

The 21st World Scout Jamboree will help mark the Centenary of Scouting, with over 40,000 Scouts attending from almost every country in the world.

Star Rating

Guiding Works

June 2007

A good Guide site with plenty of resources for all in Scouting

This site has some very useful resources for all involved in Scouting and is well worth a look.

Star Rating

1st Willingham

May 2007

A very attractive site with good information on the group

This site is rather easy on the eye and attractive to young people. Well worth a look.

Star Rating

Walk London

April 2007

A brilliant free resource

Walk London offer free London Loop leaflets. The London Loop goes all the way around London in 24 sections. Each leaflet is good enough to be all that you need to hand to a Patrol. They will be able to find their way to and from the section, along the route, and will find points of interest along the way.

Star Rating


March 2007

An outstanding program

Qedoc includes a free quiz maker and quiz player (that is, it is free if you make the quizzes available under a creative commons license). This quiz software is fully featured and very easy to use and can be used to provide a wide range of resources for Scouting.

Star Rating

Project 818

February 2007

An excellent project

Project 818 is an excellent way of giving service, learning and having fun at the same time

Star Rating

Online Scouters Library - Clipart

January 2007

An outstanding collection

Although heavily American biased there are some useful gems here

Previous Websites of the Month: 2006

Star Rating

Lenticular Clouds

December 2006

A brilliant collection of cloud photos

Beautiful as well as instructive

Star Rating

Safety Toon Colouring Pages

November 2006

A useful link for Cub and Beaver leaders

Well worth a look when running the safety badges

Star Rating

EScouts Route Hiker

October 2006

A free web based program for producing routecards of all types

An excellent tools

Star Rating

First Aid Advice (St. John Ambulance)

September 2006

Useful information from the experts

Some excellent and clear advice

Star Rating

Oxfordshire Scouting

August 2006

A nice design with content for everyone

Useful 'splash' page for 2007

Star Rating

Charlton Kings Scouts (7th Cheltenham)

July 2006

A nice looking website with some good info on the group and its history

Nice design

Star Rating

4th Rochford

June 2006

An excellent group site

A nice, clean, crisp design

Star Rating

Campfire Leaders Club

May 2006

A club for campfire leaders where they can swap information, songs, hints and tips

If you are a campfire leader this is well worth a look

Star Rating

Compass Dude

April 2006

An excellent website for all things compass

Go look dude!

Star Rating

Go For A Walk

March 2006

Some excellent walks along with good accompanying maps

Go for a walk!

Star Rating

The Jungle Book Collection

February 2006

A list of Jungle Book stories and related material with descriptions

Good background information for Jungle Book themes

Star Rating

Berkshire Scouts - Our Way

January 2006

An excellent source of information for programme ideas

A good set of resources that will serve leaders well and not just in their county

Previous Websites of the Month: 2005

Star Rating

Letchworth & Baldock District Scouts

December 2005

A nicely laid out district site

Doing good service to their district

Star Rating

3rd Hazel Grove

November 2005

A good troop site with plenty of information on their numerous activities

Take a look through all their information on offer

Star Rating

1st Adderbury Scout Troop

October 2005

A good troop site with plenty of information on their numerous activities

Check out what other Troops are up to

Star Rating

Apex Challenge

September 2005

An interesting site with plenty of details on the event

Get out there and get active on the Apex!

Star Rating

Scouting Electronic Kit Building

August 2005

Contains some very useful resources for building certain electronic components

Good website and a good supplier of kits

Star Rating

Sutton District Scouting

July 2007

A well laid out, quality District site

A good site for those in the District and some useful downloads and resources

Star Rating

Cae Llwyd

June 2005

Nicely designed and clearly laid out, a credit to the campsite

A nice example of a campsite website

Star Rating


May 2005

The site to check up on the latest goings on at the European Jamboree...good design and excellent content.


Star Rating

Boy Scout Trail

April 2005

Although specifically for the American Scouting movement this is a good example of a Scouting resource site

A good example of a useful resources to Scouters

Star Rating

E-Quartermaster System

March 2005

E-Quartermaster is a Microsoft Access based inventory system, designed for use by scout troops.

A very useful program for those Quartermasters out there

Star Rating

Ultimate Camp Resource

February 2005

An excellent site with a wide variety of useful camping related resources

Very clean and smooth layout

Star Rating

Mid Cornwall Explorer Scout Forums

January 2005

A website that serves the needs of Explorers

An unusal choice perhaps for website of the month but it shows how a website can be adpated and used for a specific target audience. And it does it well.

Previous Websites of the Month: 2004

Star Rating

Newbiggin Hall Scouts

December 2004

A good group website

Nice layout that does the group proud

Star Rating

Scouting in West Lancashire

November 2004

County website serving West Lancashire

Has plenty of information relavent to members of the county

Star Rating

Cyclone (Central Yorkshire County)

October 2004

County website serving Central Yorkshire

Very nice clean layout that serves the county well

Star Rating

Wallington, Carshalton & District Scouting

September 2004

Easy to view site with some good resources

Be sure to check out the Badge Requirement section of the resources

Star Rating

Project 815

August 2004

Environmentally aimed project open to older Scouts and Explorers

Interesting to look through all the photos

Star Rating

Campfire Chaos

July 2004

A nicely designed site with some excellent information available.

Not just songs and stunts but how to start a campfire and other useful tips

Star Rating

West Lancashire

June 2004

A good design with plenty of information and resources.

There is a large amount of useful information here for the local leaders

Star Rating

Eurojam Live

May 2004

Get involved in a jamboree

Some good program ideas as well as information about the excellent jamboree

Star Rating

1st Ashton

April 2004

Clear design, useful Info sheets too

Infosheets are a useful addition to any Scout leaders library. Plenty of other resources too.

Star Rating


March 2004

A district site serving local scouting well

Clear layout this is a busy site which reflects local Scouting well

Star Rating


February 2004

A nicely designed site with lots to offer those in and out of the county

This site is obviously a useful resources to its members and provides a good service

Star Rating

West Lancashire

January 2004

A good design with plenty of information and resources.

Information on everything that leaders in a county would be looking for

Previous Websites of the Month: 2003

Star Rating

2nd Twyning

December 2003

Nice looking website containing a good deal of relavent information

A nice example of a group site

Star Rating

Excel Route Cards (D of E)

November 2003

An excellent route card system ... very useful

The downloadable program and database make short work of route card calculations

Star Rating


October 2003

A corporate version of Scoutbase for The Scout Association

The site has had a makeover...and its looking good

Star Rating

Cae Llwyd Campsite

September 2003

Decent layout with some good photos

Take a look at the photos, videoes and vr quicktime

Star Rating

Essex Scouts

August 2003

Very nice design with plenty of info. on the county, its groups and what they get up to

Very useful county website model...other counties would do well to take note of their content

Star Rating

7th Southampton (Bassett)

July 2003

Nice design, well laid out and contains some interesting information

A nice design to the site...contains a good deal of information on the group and its activities

Star Rating

Brownsea Island

June 2003

Some good historical and modern information

A website that serves the 'first campsite' very well

Star Rating

Buckingham & Winslow

May 2003

Good design with a good deal of information

Clear design...interesting take on photo galleries

Star Rating


April 2003

Very good design and use of colour, plenty to look at

Fairly nice design with some interesting bits and pieces

Star Rating


March 2003

Excellent site...the good people there offer free hosting to UK Scout Groups

Contains some useful stuff and offer an outstanding service

Star Rating

1st Stotfold

February 2003

A well designed, nice looking site with plenty of information available.

A lot of work has been done by the scouts themselves

Star Rating

Crawfordsburn Scout Centre

January 2003

A wide variety of useful, camping related, information

The camping skills section in particular is a mine of useful information

Previous Websites of the Month: 2002

Star Rating

1st Sandhurst Scouts

December 2002

Clear design with some useful downloads

Be sure to visit the document section..there are a couple of very useful downloads available.

Star Rating

Berkshire Scouts

November 2002

Simple and effective design

Simple and effective design...

Star Rating

Southeast District Activity Team

October 2002

Interesting site with a good concept.

Make a change from reading boring old group and district sites, visit the activity team website.

Star Rating

Midlothian Area

September 2002

Excellent design with a promising future

Making good use of technology the design leaves a great deal of opportunity in the future.

Star Rating

Buckingham & Winslow

August 2002

Good design with a good deal of information

Nice design that will easily allow expansion of the existing information and photo galleries.

Star Rating

33rd Gleniffer

July 2002

Interesting quiz, games and information

Some nice online games, a quiz, an interesting site.

Star Rating

1st Farndon

June 2002

Group site with photos and some graphics/resources for download

Nice design, useful information and downloads

Star Rating

4th Tyldesley

May 2002

Nice design, useful and interesting

Nice clear design, plenty of interesting information on the group and on scouting skills in general.

Star Rating

Pioneering Projects

April 2002

Nice simple site with plenty of ideas

A good list of projects, many of which are generally useful at camp.

Star Rating

3rd Inverness

March 2002

Good design, pleny of information on the group, nice pioneering piece

The pioneering piece is particularly tongue-in- cheek yet informative...the site contains a good deal of interesting and relavent material

Star Rating

Clwyd Area Scouts

February 2002

Nice design, plenty to look at

Nice colourful design...offers a fair amount to browse and look at with some good information.

Star Rating

Greater London North East

January 2002

Info on the county, its activities and structure

Clean design, plenty of information on what the county gets up to. Includes calendar, photos and reports section as well as newsletters.

Previous Websites of the Month: 2001

Star Rating

Barking & Dagenham

December 2001

Clear design with lots of information

A simple design. Contains a wealth of information on Scouting in general as well as details on the district. Extensive event and photo gallery areas.

Star Rating

Scouting Milestones

November 2001

A very interesting collection of early Scouting material

Colin Walker has collected an excellent selection of material, some personal experiences, on Scouting and its history. Well worth a look.

Star Rating

Surrey Scouts

October 2001

A long term favourite of SR...always up to date and interesting

An excellent County website...simple, effective, interesting, fully packed, up to date. A good resource and advert for Surrey.

Star Rating

September 2001

Jamboree on the internet...every 'connected' scout should take a look at this site

Useful and important information on getting scouting connected across the internet .

Star Rating

August 2001

An excellent site for those collectors among us

Offer a wide range of scout badges including made to order items.

Star Rating

July 2001

Everything a venture could want...well almost

A good deal of information and 'fun' directly relevant to those in Ventures.

Star Rating

Greater London South East

June 2001

Well designed website, informative and interesting

Interesting design with some useful information on the county and its members.

Star Rating

3rd Gidea Park

May 2001

Good design...good website

Effective and attractive design with some interesting information. Good website.

Star Rating

Leicestershire Scouts Sub Aqua Unit

April 2001

Very interesting, good design, excellent photos

Unusual but a good site...the photos are of a high quality and make interesting viewing.

Star Rating


March 2001

An excellent 'advert' for UK Scouting

An official UK Scout Association website, primarily aimed at prospective new members.

Star Rating

Scouter - Net Compass

February 2001

An absolute mine of information

An excellent selection of information and links.

Star Rating


January 2001

Nice design with a good deal of local information.

Nice design, useful local info. A good 'template' for District sites

Previous Websites of the Month: 2000

Star Rating

18th Georgetown North

December 2000

First Class site...packed full of information and resources...very good resources

Outstanding resource...makes very interesting reading and the First Aid section is excellent

Star Rating

Scouting Ireland CSI

November 2000

Contains many useful resources. Info on camping, pioneering, knots, countryside and much more. Idea banks and programme ideas for all sections and many leader resources.

Very useful resource for any scouting movement..

Star Rating

2nd Onchan

October 2000

A huge collection of varied song types along with a few good links

A very nice design, attractive yet easy to use. The site holds some useful information on scouting activities as well as some interesting material for the younger people among us.

Star Rating

Becky's Campfire Songbook

September 2000

A huge collection of varied song types along with a few good links

This site contains many campfire songs. Split into several sections each one contains an alphabetical list of songs. As well as campfire songs there are plenty of ideas for campfire stunts or skits to be found too. There are also a few good links to related sites. Take a look.

Star Rating

Hurricane District - Pioneering

August 2000


If you have the vaguest interest in knots or pioneering then you must look at this site. Packed full of diagrams and ideas on pioneering projects there is something for everyone here. With a particularly good selection of Gateways, towers and bridges you can make that one off project or simply transform your camp. They also have a fair selection of fun items and useful camp gadgets to try your hand at. They welcome any additions you care to make (simply sketch it down and send it along). Have a look, it will be worth your time.

Star Rating

Mohawk Wolf Cub Pack

July 2000


Quite simply this is a ‘Must See’ site. Well designed and laid out it is packed full of information and ideas for cubs and leaders alike. There is simply far too much content to do it justice by listing here, with jokes, pictures and sounds to keep the young ones amused as well as many good ideas and resources for the scout leader. In particular there is some excellent information on what the group gets up too along with some brilliant photographs. It certainly is eye opening to see what our cousins in Canada get up too, going hiking into bear country sure beats walking down to the local campsite! I suggest that you have a good long look at this site, I know I did.