Stunts & Skits



A campfire stunt (or skit) is like a small play or comedy piece performed by (usually) the Scouts at the campfire.

This not only serves to break up the songs/ campfire into manageable sections but is simply outrageous fun in its own right. It can also distract the audiences attention whilst the fire is lit (relit?) or something else is being prepared.

I should think that most experienced Scouters know more than a few stunts, but it is always worth collecting them so that scouters can swap ideas and stunts between themselves. Eventually even the most seasoned Scouter may be able to find a few new ones in this section.

A good campfire will have a mix of stunts. Some very short ones (the equivalent of one-liners in stand up comedy) and some of the 'shaggy-dog' variety, long drawn out ones with a punchline at the end, usually at the expense of a member of the audience (a great chance for the scouts to get their own back on the Scouters).

If you have any stunts that you would like to see added to these pages please get in touch with me.

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