The Ideabase is a collection of good ideas covering all manner of subjects.

These ideas have been tried and tested 'in the field' at the 9th Barking & Dagenham Scout Group and have proven useful to the leaders and Scouts at the Group.

The ideas presented here are those that fall into the general 'bright idea', "hey how about..." category. Be sure to look through the site for more ideas and suggestions.

If you have any particularly original ideas that would benefit other Groups then please share them with us. Full credit and acknowledgment will be given for all ideas.


Coming Up

Ideas that will be added to the Ideabase soon include:

Activity Day, Athletics, Beaver Sleepover, Connect 4, Cub Quiz, Cyclo Cross, Easter Egg Hunt, Incident Hike, IT Day, Jungle Rally, Mark Sutton, PL Thingy, Sixers Camp, Survival Camp, Swimming Gala, Welly Walk.


Awards: Awards that have been used within the Group in the past to promote traditional Scouting skills

Baggy's Guides: A set of guides on a variety of Scouting topics

Camping Competition: Details on how to run a Camping Competition

Certificates: A variety of certificates used in the Group and District

Chess: Details on how to run a Chess competition

Football: Details on how to run a Football Competition

Hike Challenge: Details on how to run a Hiking Challenge

Introduction Pack: A pack given to new members to tell them all they need to know about Scouting and the Group

Newsletter: A monthly Group newsletter that has been running for over 10 years

Nights Away: A complete system of Nights Away forms and material used in the Group and District

Swiss System: Details on how to run Swiss System tournaments, useful for things like Chess competitions