Codes & Signs

CodesLooking at the world around you

This section aims to include information on all things related to codes and signs (no matter how 'twisted' the relationship). As a start we have included the main 'codes' that would be useful in scouting such as tracking (and direction finding), country code, morse and semaphore.

The tracking section includes 'tracking signs' as learnt by all Cubs. The direction finding section includes quite a bit of information on methods of direction finding.

The safety code section includes a variety of codes such as Countryside Code, firework code, green cross code and other saftey 'codes' such as fire/ accident etc.)

The rescue section includes a variety of signals related to emergency rescue. This will range from using a heliograph to ground-air 'panel' signals. The naval flags section includes all manner of items beginning with ship-ship flag signalling.