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Quotes from emails

All quotes are taken from genuine emails sent to the SR webmaster over the last few years. There were several comments along the lines of "you are much better than xxx" which have NOT been included here.

Excellent site, where do you get the time - keep up the good work.

Like the site

I congratulate you on your website, and the feast of information it provides.

Just to let you know the web site is ace, a scouting page full of scouting things. Keep up the good work. It's one for the bookmark.

I am a Guider in Hampshire, and was searching the net for guiding material, when I came across your excellent site. I am very impressed, as it is quite comprehensive and has a well designed layout.

What a brilliant site. HUGE thanks!

Great site. I found it by accident looking for knots and lashings on the internet

I enjoyed browsing over the information provided in the "Countries & Culture"
session. Thank you.

I found your site very helpful. Thank you.

I am a Beaver leader in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada and we are going camping next weekend, I visited your site and found the help I needed for
camp songs and outdoor games. Thank you, it was a great resource.

Just to let you know - I think you're
doing great things with your web site - I find it an extremely good reference site. Keep up the good work

Thank you for your help. I am being invested in two weeks time and will wear
my uniform with pride.

I have just discovered your outstanding website. Thank you very much
for such a useful site. I have also discovered your Cub Database programme. What a useful tool!

I have been reading your excellent web-site with interest - it is very impressive.

Nice website.

Your site is looking good keep up the good work.

I have found your site fascinating. It is so interesting to explore all the
differences and similarities in the scouting "families"

I really enjoy your site - as a scout leader in the middle east, it is essential to have resources on-line and yours is one of the best.

As a lapsed scout, but a current teacher taking a group away shortly, can I thank you for all the hard work put into collating all those songs into one place - printing them out and reading them through has brought back many happy memories of evenings spent around the campfire.

I've found your web site an excellent resource for knots. Keep it up!

Great site

I've just visited your site for the first time & was very impressed with the amount of info & ease of use, I'm sure I'll visit again.

Had a quick look around your site, very impressive!

what a great site!!

hello., I'm a den leader in Pack165 - Cary, North Carolina, USA. -- enjoyed
your site-- well organised and easy to find things.. I was looking for campfire songs...

Wow you have a really great site here with lots of info. Even though I am in the USA I will be adding this site link to our own Pack Web page. You have lots of great ideas.

Thank you for such a superb site, I am a secondary school teacher, many of your ideas translate brilliantly in to the classroom, a few of the games have already been used with great success, many can be adapted to fit in with the national curriculum. So a very big thank you from a very grateful school teacher.

I just have to say that as a new cub leader I find your web site absolutely brilliant and am forced to refer to your site many times for inspiration and good ideas. Thanks for producing such a site.

I just wanted to say thank you to whoever created such a wonderful site. You must have put so much work and time into writing and loading all these resources. It is by far the best site that I have found, and I have been looking for awhile!

Seeking information on weather lore, I happened upon your website this evening and wished to pass along my compliments to you for a job well done

As a new CSL at the 6th Abingdon, Oxford, UK. I find your site very helpful

These down loads are a great resource in finding the words for forgotten favourites & throwing up new songs.

It is brilliant to have somewhere to go where there are some practical ideas for the cubs

I have been looking at your scouting songs which are brilliant.

nice song section.

Good web site - perhaps ours may get that good eventually!

Hey there, the site u have developed is a fantastic one with really good resources for leaders

Great site, keep up with the good work

I have been involved since i was 8 and at 51 the fun is just in a different light. hats off to you for your island of dedication in an ocean of indifference.

I was just checking out your website and think its great!

Thank you for an excellent resource.

this site is amazing!!! excellent work, it's a pity it takes so long to look
through it all...

Just to say - an excellent and most valuable site; professional in appearance and design.

This is a fine website, with lots of useful information

oh by the way really cool site!!!!

I've been using your site for quite a while and I'm enjoying the new developments.

The layout & easy of use is great all 26 of my cubs have used this site and have enjoyed using the clipart in posters the have produced thank for all the time and hard work you have put into this site

Thank-you so much for your most helpful site.

Hi- I stumbled upon your site and really enjoyed some of the areas

All I can say is thank you!!!

A great site, with lots of ideas. Top marks.

Am currently a beaver leader for Bourne Valley scout group and am very impressed with your web site.

This is a wonderful site with lots of valuable information

I have been a leader for 5 years in the BSA and always enjoy finding a resource like this. Keep up the good work.

What a find your site is I will be advertising it on our district site as it has the best resources

I have recently discovered your website and think the certificates for behaviour are excellent.

I think this is a wonderful resource site and reference it in our Outdoor
Leadership Training sessions.

This is a great resource, thanks.

Thanks very much for the hard work you have put into this site and making it
available for everyone.

Great resource, thanks.

Anyway, great site and keep up the good work.

I stopped by your site and it was really cool. Keep up the good work.

What a great site.

I've come across your website and found it very informative

Came upon your site yesterday and think it is brill.

Just had to drop you a note to say thanks for a great web site. Keep up the
good work!

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your web site which I came upon accidentally
It turned out to be the most profitable accident I have ever had as I got lots of new ideas.

Thank you for creating a great page.

What a great resource!

Great web site with a tremendous wealth of information…Keep up the good work.

Keep up the great work!

Fell on your site by accident, but is now added to my favourites, quite like the style.

What a resource!

Good day, browsing around a US website I stumbled across your website I am very impressed at the enormous effort you have gone

I really like your site, very impressive

Just a quick note to say I found your web site very useful and very easy to use. Well done and keep up the good work

Thank you for such a great web site.

You have an excellent site

I enjoyed your informative website at

First of all congratulation to a very good website...

Keep up the good work. It is always nice to see there are dedicated fantastic people in scouting all over the world

Your knotting section at the Scouting Resources (UK) site is one of the best I have ever seen for scouts. Congratulations.

Hi, I have known about SR for years now and I visit it all the time, love the new look site

I love your page to start off with the downloadable knots are awesome

that's an EXCELLENT site you're building there. Very pro!

nice site, keep up the good work!!!

great site you have here!!! awesome!!! more power to your site!

thanks for a wonderful web sight .

I just wanted to say your website looks excellent

You still have an awesome site.

I am fairly new to the internet and found your site very help full.

You have an amazing site.

Just wanted to congratulate you on a brilliant site.

Just wanted to say how refreshing it is to find a site that is so easy to use and has such an enormous amount of relevant information.

I will definitely be a regular visitor to the site.

Many thanks for the excellent work

Firstly, thanks for a great site.

Thank you very much for use of your site, it really is very good

I have come across your site which I think is excellent.

Very useful scouting information.

I love your web site

I wanted to take a minute and thank you for this site

Great site

I just stumbled across your site. Great stuff - loads of useful ideas for the likes of us! The knotting details are great, and I'm inspired to do something for this week's pack meeting...

I use your web site a lot and have found it extremely useful

The program ideas are superb, we will use a lot of your idea

Thank you ever so much for this wonderful and universal resource that can be used by parents and teachers as well as leaders.

I've spent an enjoyable hour going thru your web site

In Short - Fantastic. It's amazing what you can do in 2 hours a week !!!!

I have found your website extremely helpful

I had fun visiting your web page.

Just found your site and looks very interesting

I have found scouting resources to be a great site, thanks!

What a great website

I am the Scoutmaster for a Maryland, USA Boy Scout Troop, and find your site an outstanding resource.

I just visited your sight and I liked it.

Just to say that Scouting resources is good web site would be a big understatement I believe that it will become an essential piece of equipment for the majority of groups. The content is second to none and the best I have found on the web so far in one place. The downloads are good and I have also found other useful ones on other site

Came across your resources website. Excellent.

What a charming web site! Just wanted you to know how much my adult children and I have been enjoying it.

I have only recently come across the SR web site and I must say that it very
helpful. In fact I have mentioned it to all of our leaders - beavers, cubs
and scouts and I believe that most have now had a look and are finding it
extremely useful.

Firstly I'd like to complement you on such a wonderful site!

Congratulations on such a good site. Easy to negotiate, good content.

Great site, you've saved me a lot of time!!!

I've just found your website - and have to say that I am REALLY impressed. I have no doubt that it is a very valuable contribution to Scouting on the web. Well done.
Fantastic site! You have been added to my International Links page. I really like the ease of navigation and the massive amounts of information available. Keep up the fantastic work!

You have a great site!

Well, the original site is great, a wealth of good info. It must have taken ages to put together.
The new site looks good in terms of style and design. I'll keep my eyes open for when it appears properly.

I came across your website which is proving a happy hunting ground but there's so much it's going to take me a while to find my way around.

I really like your site.

I have just found your site and thought I would let you know that I think it is brilliant. Thanks a lot, wish I had found it sooner.

Great site, I came upon it by accident

I was impressed with the selection of Certificates that you displayed on your site

Like your site, lots of good information!

As a Cub Scout Leader of just over one year's standing with no previous experience of Scouting, I would just like to compliment you on an excellent site.

Great to see your web site.

Great site! Loads of useful info.

I just been on you site brilliant!!! can't fault it.............
keep up the hard work!

I just wanted to say what a great site Scouting Resources is!

Thanks again for all your hard work in putting this together and maintaining it.

Just thought I'd drop you a line to say Thank You. Your web site is fantastic. I have found the information on your site invaluable and the boys have really loved the activities the information has led us to.

I would just like to say "THANK YOU"

I just wanted to thank you for a superb site. This is what Leadership training should be all about instead of the mostly irrelevant stuff they throw at you!

I shall be coming back to this site again and again.
I have found the song books most useful

I think your site is terrific and has amazing resources.

Thanks for the link to the Cub Air Activities resources - nice to know that
other people actually have seen/use them!!

I've just found your website, it looks really good, I'll certainly be having a good look round.

I will be using this site a lot, Keep up the good work.

I have always found your site very useful for a lot of the work I do with my Beaver Scouts

Just found your site lots of interesting ideas love the certs I am a Beaver leader in Bournemouth One of the best websites I have found will you be doing more for Beaver Scouts

I would like to say well done of a magnificent resource and seeing as how we are currently developing our own web site I would like to add a link to scouting resources if that is ok.

Thank you for providing this base of resources. I was looking for Jungle Book
related materials for my Den meeting when I found your site.

Thanks for your mail, which I picked up about three minutes after a Fire Flash
fire stick was delivered to my desk from Woodlore, a pleasant coincidence.

Thank you for taking the time to give me such a detailed reply.

Many thanks indeed -- that was extremely quick and efficient!!

I’m a Swedish scout aged 18. I found Your excellent site when I was searching for Scouting facts

i was browsing the net wondering if there were any resources I could pinch to help us on our way i knew about scout association scout base but didn’t know if there were any BP scout base. then i came across your site and found it absolutely fantastic. the information and detail you give is brilliant and it is very easy to follow as I am not really computer literate have downloaded the tracking signs and will make some stories up now. the program ideas are super and very detailed and hope that we will have some great camps and pack evenings to come.

thank you for all your hard work on the web site and I will be visiting it again soon

I have just downloaded some files from your website it is a very impressive website. I have found it very useful to guide new leaders,

Many thanks for your mail of9th Nov. I am delighted to say that I have traced the song I was seeking. Very many thanks for your help.

Thank your for you assistance.

Thank you very much!

thanks for ya help

thanks! Have a great Easter weekend!

I just browsed by your excellent resource site and I thought that you might find our weatherpages useful, too.

Just to say your site is excellent with a huge amount of useful information on it.

A very impressive site, Darren. As a webmaster myself, I can appreciate the work you have put into it. I wish I had the time and the skill to make mine look as smooth as yours is.

Wonderful website with great information. I am in the process of building a website for my pack. Keep up the good work!

Thank you for your help. It is giving me ideas on how to proceed. I'm new at this.

Love your site

You've been an enormous help. Thanks so much for the hints and help. My troop and my ukulele thank you.

Your site is full of great content that's well organised and graphically clear. I have not seen better on the web.

Thanks for the amazingly quick reply

Many thanks for all the helpful information. I'll study the links and get back to you if I need more help.

I appreciate the speedy response!

I have just visited and can see that you understand the importance of having quality content on your site.

I have just visited your excellent website

Thanks a bunch! We really appreciate your support. Best of luck. Let's keep in touch periodically to let each other know how much traffic comes in via the other's site.

Thanks for the superfast response! I've emailed Mrs. Woodley.

I found your site very informative and helpful

Thanks Darren- The internet sure makes us all seem next door, doesn't it? Thanks!

I know on your site it said you give a quick response but bank holiday Monday evening must be beyond the call of duty!

I was looking over your site and found it interesting because I have grandsons who are involved in Scouting.

What an excellent site! Well laid out and with piles and piles of information.

Can't say I'd noticed a delay - only just turned the computer back on myself! Glad you liked it, though.

Really appreciated your assistance!

Thankyou very much for your prompt reply, and kind permission. I will keep an eye on your site for the updates.

thanks for your time....

Thanks for replying so quickly Darren.

You're clearly a mine of information! Thank you v much for all this valuable info which I will duly consider - & come back to you if I need more!

Thanks for the reply.

Thanks for the further feedback.

Thanks for the info (and your time).

Your resources are wonderful

Thanks a lot.Via your info, I found what I was looking for

Thank you so much for sharing the great collection of songs!!! I really appreciate it.

I must say I have referred to your excellent web site on quite a few occasions and have used the knotting info, songs and more recently I hope to use one of your old ideas for my forth coming camp (if i can myself sorted!!)

Thanks for all your hard work and ideas

Excellent thank you very much just the info i wanted especially the fire lighting stuff

That's great thanks, sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

You're song index is amazing ( I'm pleased by how many camp songs I remember )

You have a great website, I'll refer to it from now on.

Well done on a really well prepared and presented web site. It is one of the best scout related sites I have ever seen, being clear, easy to read and containing all the information prospective members could possibly need.

Keep up the good work

Thanks Darren for quick response and I will keep trying

Thank you for such a useful site!

Thanks for the quick reply and the information.

Hi Darren - thank you for your prompt response and my apologies for my tardy reply. I rather wish it were the other way around.

Thank you for an interesting site

I love your stuff: it's really well done.

Thank you for the quick response. I appreciate your help.

Hi Darren, Have just looked at your resources sit, What an amazing amount of information. i could almost become a leader it sounds so much fun.

Hi, you have a fantastic site for lyrics and it's great that you mention the tune for most of them,

thank you!

Many Thanks, Darren!

Awesome site, thanks very much for a really useful collection.

Hi- just a quick line to say how much I liked you site. It's very clear, with so much info in it that it's giving me a headache!

I'm an ACSL at 3rd Prestatyn and have been browsing your excellent site.

Thanks again for the site.

Brilliant, many thanks!

Your website has been amazing for me thank you!!!

I have just started learning how to do knots and decorative ropework and while I was looking on the internet your site came up, and it has helped me quite a lot, so I would just like to say what a great site you have and a big thank you for the info on there, Many thanks,

That was quick - many thanks for that

Many Thanks

Your'e a treasure,many thanks,look forward to hearing from you,

Thank you!!!

Many thanks and keep up the good work on "Scouting Resources".

Thanks for the help and prompt response.

Many, many thanks for your insights. It is great to be able to talk to a fellow leader about such things - and I am sure this will have a positive impact on the camp.

Many thanks for putting your ideas online. It's a fantastic idea to pool experience.

You have a great site. As a newish group I rely on sources such as these!

Thanks for the info.

First and foremost i would like to prasie you you on a fantastic website for both scouts and leaders alike. I was very impressed with the nights away scheme

Thank you Darren, the link was very useful.

thanks that's what I wanted

Thanks for your prompt reply.

Nice one Darren, thanks very much

I like your site

We're impressed with your dedication...

First off, top marks for your website.!

Thank you very much.

Thank you so much for your help I really appreciate it

I think you have a good site also! it's very informative.

Brilliant website, I don't know what the district would have accessed if I had not found your site.

Just been looking at the scouting website, as recommended by a colleague. There are a lot of fantastic resources even for non-scouts

Ah fantastic. Thanks so much.

To say that I am impressed with your website is an understatement! Your site is undoubtedly the best independent site that I have come across, and gives an unrivalled level of info on the everyday operation of an active Scout Group.

You are a Star! Can't thank you enough for all the information you gave me my partner will be pleased he will not have to have a rubber ear on anymore!!

Thank you very much for your help. It is a Fid I was looking for.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for a very good and very informative web site your site has got me out of a hole a number of times.

Just found the website - keep up the good work.

Great site. I've only just come across it but... I'll be back.

13 megs of sweetness, and more yet unopened. Thanks Darren!!!

Works for me. Thanks alot!

WOW I AM IMPRESSED! Speed of response and detailed information. They never used to run Buckingham place Road like this!!!

I'm just writing to thank you for the DVD of Scouting Resources material that I have received this morning. After the briefest of looks, I must say that the material there looks excellent.

I’m currently Assistant Scout Leader for the 15th Oxford troop, and would like to congratulate you on a comprehensive and useful site. So far I have yourself and scout-base on my favourites as my primary references for all scouting activities!

Thanks for your reply to my need to find someone who would like at frame tent. We did not think we would receive such an immediate response.

Thank you have saved my life. Just what I needed

hi, brilliant site, thanks.

Very good site! I like it! Thanks!

Doing some research for a pack evening and a camp, found it all on this one great website. All info is so easy to find. Thanks for your hard work

great site useful info keep it up

hi, i'm an italian girl scout...i want to congratulate with you for this nice website...i was searching something about scouting in UK and i found out a lot of information....thank you.... sorry for my bad english!

First off, top marks for your website

Thank you so much for your help I really appreciate it, unfortunately, having tried those sites this evening, I cannot find the finger spelling test one. I shall keep looking though. Thank you again for your help.

I think you have a good site also! it's very informative.

Brilliant website, I don't know what the district would have accessed if I had not found your site.

Ah fantastic. Thanks so much

To say that I am impressed with your website is an understatement! Your site is undoubtedly the best independent site that I have come across, and gives an unrivalled level of info on the everyday operation of an active Scout Group.

Thanks too for the useful tips too - excellent.

You are a Star! Can't thank you enough for all the information you gave me my partner will be pleased he will not have to have a rubber ear on anymore!!

Many thanks for the offer - looks like we'll have all the info we need when we start in September!

Works for me. Thanks alot!

I was attracted to your web site.

I visited your site today and you have done a great job. I know how much work is involved in producing a quality site.