Badge Resources

Cub Scout Badges

Scout Badges

  • Astronomer
  • Camper
  • Camp Cook
  • Communicator
  • Emergency Aid
  • Fire Safety
  • Global Conservation
  • Hiker
  • Information Technology
  • Meteorologist
  • My Faith
  • Naturalist
  • Navigator
  • Road Safety
  • Survival Skills



At the present time the badges section contains a handful of the resources I have collected or used in the past.

Badgework fulfills a particularly important role in most sections. Not only does it serve to give the meeting night programme a structure and aim but it enables the youngsters to strive and achieve. What is important is the effort and work that they put in towards the badge. The exact requirements and fiddly definitions should not stand in the way of recognition of outstanding achievement and effort. The proficiency or activity badges can act as an incentive to progression and a satisfying way of bringing their hobbies to the pack.

If you are interested in further resources on these or any other badge then please contact me.