The programs listed here are by no means the only camps/programs our group or myself have had over the years. For instance in the year 2000 we went camping no less than 9 times during the year, including a week camp. If you want details of ALL the programs please contact me.

Why do we need Programs?

Constructing a program is a very important part of your job as a leader.

  • It gives a theme and structure to your meeting night or activity.
  • It allows it to be planned in detail.
  • It allows you to keep to any time schedules you may have.
  • It lets other leaders know what is going on.
  • You can see at a glance what materials or resources you may need and can prepare them.
  • It ensures that you achieve your aims for that night or activity.

Camp Programs

Planning & constructing a good camp program is an art in itself. Even experienced leaders sometimes find it a challenge to come up with a brand new program for each camp. It's not just a matter of thinking about what you are going to do at camp, although obviously it would help if you have already thought about this part long and hard! Even once you have the details of the activities you have to think carefully about how you arrange the times. Have you given yourself enough time for lunch? How long will it take to make those full size catapults?

Another problem is trying to fit in your chosen theme. I am assuming you actually have a theme for your camp. I strongly suggest that this should be the case for most Cub camps. It helps to keep the Cubs interest and a sense of continuity going. It should also be a catalyst for ideas on activities, menus and the like.

This section has some of the programs that I and the leaders I work with have actually used over the past few years. Other programs are available on request.