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The requirements for the Scientist badge are clearly but I would recommend that you pay careful attention to the footnote. In other words I suggest that you try a wide range of experiments, and certainly do not feel compelled to have to try the ones that are always put forward.

In my personal opinion, I think it would be worthwhile doing more than just 6 experiments as required. There are plenty of experiments that are simply fun and interesting in their own right, and allow the Scouts to make loud noises and lots of mess! I also think it is quite important that (even at Cub age) they are able to demonstrate an understanding of the science behind the experiment, and that they are able to conduct an experiment in a scientific (and of course safe) manner (i.e. not just lobbing loads of chemicals together to see what happens). This will help them develop the right approach for learning science as they get older.

I am not saying that they should be able to explain the relavent equations for quantum mechanics, just that they can explain in their own words, and with good reason why, the experiment worked in the way that it did. Merely completing the experiment I would not consider reason enough to give them the badge.

Science Experiments


What can I say? Once again Usborne have come up with the goods and delivered an excellent book for anyone involved in teaching science to younger children. The book is packed full of experiments (covering a wide variety of science topics across physics, chemistry and biology) each with clear step by step instructions and clear colour diagrams.

Using everyday components and aimed at an age range of (in my opinion) 6-12 years these experiments are simple to carry out and enjoyable too. There are many that explain clearly, informatively and intreastingly sometimes quite complex aspects of science.

If you intend to take some cubs for their scientist badge then look no further than this book. You will find plenty of ideas and you need not worry about any scientific aspects as the result is explained in the book (and set at the appropriate level of explanation).

At this price I highly recommend this book as a worthy addition to anyones 'science box'.

Downloadable Materials

These science experiments were put together for a camp that took place over 10 years ago. You may still find them of some use to you. I teach mathematics, physics and chemistry so I have a wealth of material that I can draw upon, much more than I am able to publish here. If you want any further advice or help please feel free to contact me.

Useful Links

It would be impossible to link to every good science resource on the internet as there is an absolute wealth of good information available. Instead I have extracted some of my science bookmarks and presented them here. If you have any trouble finding something you want please feel free to contact me.