Stunts & Skits - Narrative


The Brutal Miner

(Each character in the skit has a distinctive sound to make when the Narrator says their name during the reading of the skit. The Narrator should pause, after reading the name of each character so they can make their sound and for audience reaction.)

Brutal Miner Grrrrrrrrrr
Tired Wife Oh dear.
Lazy Son (Yawning sound)
Young Daughter (Giggles)
Beautiful Daughter "Ahhhhh"
Handsome Harry Ah Ha !
Automobile Honk Honk
Cat Meow


Once upon a time in the far west, there lived a BRUTAL MINER, who had a TIRED WIFE, a LAZY SON, a giggling YOUNG DAUGHTER, and a BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER. On the other side of the mountain lived HANDSOME HARRY. This young man drove his AUTOMOBILE over the mountains and carried mail to the BRUTAL MINER.

One day, the TIRED WIFE was cleaning the house. The BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER was helping her. The YOUNG DAUGHTER was playing with the CAT on the steps and the LAZY SON was sleeping. The BRUTAL MINER came out and kicked the CAT. The TIRED WIFE and the BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER rushed out with brooms and hit the BRUTAL MINER, but this did not bother him. He grabbed the TIRED WIFE by one arm and the BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER by the other and shoved them into the house. The YOUNG DAUGHTER ran away with the CAT.

Just then, HANDSOME HARRY drove up in his AUTOMOBILE and saw the BRUTAL MINER beating the TIRED WIFE and the BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER. HANDSOME HARRY rushed to the rescue and grabbed the BRUTAL MINER and threw him down the mine shaft. The BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER flew into the waiting arms of HANDSOME HARRY, while the TIRED WIFE and
the YOUNG DAUGHTER watched with enthusiasm. The LAZY SON slept on.

HANDSOME HARRY took the BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER in his AUTOMOBILE to the little church in the wildwood and they lived happily every after.

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Chief Woodpussy

(Each character in the skit has a distinctive sound to make when the Narrator says their name during the reading of the skit. The Narrator should pause, after reading the name of each character so they can make their sound, and for audience reaction.)

Cowboy Yippee !
Old Paintbrush (Whinney)
Chief Woodpussy (Makes war whoop)
Sitting Bull Hee Haw
Emma (Rattles stones in tin)
Timber Wolf Howooooo
Sheriff Bang Bang.
Deputy He went that-a-way


Once upon a time there was a COWBOY who went out into the desert, riding his horse, OLD PAINTBRUSH. Far off in the distance, he could hear the TIMBER WOLF. The COWBOY made camp and went fast asleep, first making sure OLD PAINTBRUSH was secure.

Now, creeping through the desert was CHIEF WOODPUSSY riding his mule SITTING BULL. He was pursued by the SHERIFF and his DEPUTY. In his pocket, CHIEF WOODPUSSY had his trained rattlesnake, EMMA, who was trained to creep up and bite the COWBOY and his horse. While CHIEF WOODPUSSY crept up, OLD PAINTBRUSH watched the camp, the TIMBER WOLF howled, the COWBOY snored, and SITTING BULL ate cactus.

In the meantime, the SHERIFF and his DEPUTY sprang their trap. "Halt, you are my prisoner !" shouted the SHERIFF. The COWBOY woke up and mounted his horse, OLD PAINTBRUSH, which frightened the TIMBER WOLF and EMMA.

Away went old CHIEF WOODPUSSY on his faithful mule, SITTING BULL, and after them went the SHERRIF, his DEPUTY, the COWBOY and OLD PAINTBRUSH. But old CHIEF WOODPUSSY led them into a blind canyon, so that was the last anybody ever saw of the COWBOY, OLD PAINTBRUSH, EMMA, the rattlesnake, the TIMBER WOLF, the mule, SITTING BULL, the SHERIFF, or his DEPUTY.

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The Medicrin

There once was a medieval village named Trinsic. This village was being terrorized by a vile monster, the Medicrin. Each night, the Medicrin would stalk down from the hills, and devour one of the villagers.

The terrified villagers called a meeting, and decided to pool their money together to hire the great hero Erik. <fanfare>

Erik came and listened to the complaints of the villagers. He consulted his Great Hero's Book of Vile Monsters, and learned that Medicrins love to eat Loons.

So Erik hunted high and low to find a loon. He found one, captured it, tied it up, and brought it back to the village. He then had the villagers dig a deep pit.

Erik threw the loon into the pit, hoping to capture the Medicrin, and slay it.

That night, the Medicrin came . . .

It smelled the loon . . .

But it also smelled DANGER, and it ran off, devouring one of the villagers on the way out.

After calming the villagers, the next day, Erik again consulted his Great Hero's Book of Vile Monsters, and learned that Medicrins also love sugar.

So Erik gathered up all of the sugar in the village, and threw it into the pit. The loon, not having eaten in days, devoured all of the sugar in a single gulp. Erik was struck with panic, and ran to and fro trying to figure out what to do next, but night had fallen, and the Medicrin would be
there soon, so Erik crossed his fingers, and hoped for the best.

That night, the Medicrin came . . .

It smelled the loon . . .

It smelled danger . . .

But it also smelled the sugar, and the Medicrin dived into the pit, and devoured the loon. The villagers swarmed over the Medicrin, and slew it.

The moral of the story:

"A loon full of sugar helps the Medicrin go down."

The story calls for a narrator, a Hero, a Medicrin, a Loon, and assorted villagers. The narrator should have a loud, clear voice. There should be at least three villagers, but the more, the merrier (up to ten).

The narrator should read the story, and the characters should act out the parts. I personally feel no props should be used, and only the narrator should speak.

The narrator should read the story slowly and dramatically. Purely from the spoken point of view, the only humor in the entire story is the final punch-line. However, minor slapstick should be employed by the actors. This is amusing mostly because of the punch-line. This story should not be evoked in excess.

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The Game Show

The skit starts out with a couple of scouts asking for some volunteers from the audience.

The volunteers are then removed from the room by one of the scouts in charge of the 'Game Show'

After the volunteers have been removed, the 'Game' is set up. Two tables (the folding type work VERY well) are covered with sleeping bags and balls of various descriptions are placed under buckets on these tables, the catch is that in between the two tables a person (another scout perhaps) is kneeling with his head under a bucket to resemble the other buckets (of course this is well hidden with sleeping
bags, or sheets or what ever you have handy) The tables are then moved close together to further hide the fact that there is anyone under the table, and don't forget to cover the front of the table so that the
participant, or victim as it were, cannot see under the tables.

Bring in the first contestant...

It is then that the 'Game' is described to the contestant. He/she is to make his/her way down the line of buckets picking up each bucket and naming the ball under the bucket. Give some time record to be beaten. Then as they make their way down the line and eventually pick up the bucket off of the table under which the scout is hiding, the scout should yell/scream etc. to further the shock value.

Bring in the next contestant...etc

This skit is generally really effective and is good for a few laughs if nothing else.

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Brotherhood Of Scouting

People required for the Skit: 6
Old Man with a Staff
Spirit of the Beaver
Spirit of the Wolf Cub
Spirit of the Scout
Spirit of a Venture
Spirit of the Rover

Skit Setup:

Index cards can be used by the Spirits if there isn't time to memorize each role. (Small Flashlight recommended!)

The Old Man is inside the campfire circle, walking slowly with his staff. He is slightly hunched over with age and leans on the staff heavily. The Scouting Spirits are evenly spaced outside the campfire circle, just far enough back not to be seen. (They should speak loud and clearly).

NOTE: When the Old Man stops each time and looks into the fire, there should be 2-3 seconds of silence before the Spirits speak. (The memories that the Old Man says aloud should be specific to the group, so they have relevance to the audience and can feel the full impact of the skit. Consult with other leaders/ youth for ideas.)

The Skit:

OLD MAN (Shuffling slowly around the campfire)
My life has been long, too long, and my Scouting years are behind me. My friends are all gone and I am going to die alone. Old and Alone. (Stops and stares into the fire)


I am the Spirit of the Beaver. When you were young, I taught you Sharing and Caring for the World.

OLD MAN (Resumes shuffling slowly around the campfire) <Beaver Memory> e.g. "Beavers. I remember Beavers. Riverbanks and the Beaver

Pond, making crafts to take home to Mom..." <etc.> (The Old Man stops again and stares into the fire.)


I am the Spirit of the Wolf Cub. I taught you to do your best, I led your Pack through the forest and you lived by My Law.

OLD MAN (Resumes shuffling around the campfire)
<Cub Memory> e.g. "Cubs. I remember Cubs. Hot Dog roasts in the bush, my first real camp-out, and of course the Kub Kar races..." <etc>. (The Old Man stops again and stares into the fire.)

"On My Honour"

I am the Spirit of the Scout. I taught you knots and how to camp without a trace, and together we explored the land.

OLD MAN (Resumes shuffling around the circle)
<Scout Memory> e.g. "Scouts. I remember Scouts. Long hikes and long camps, breaking lake ice for water in the winter. And then there was Jamboree..." <etc.> (Stops and stares into the fire.)


I am the Spirit of a Venture. I taught you leadership and set you free, to test your limits to the skies.

OLD MAN (Resumes shuffling around the fire)
<Venturer Memory> e.g. "Oh, yes, Venturers. Attending Jamboree as a Hikemaster, leading people from around the world into the Rockies. Getting my drivers license and trying to date Rangers..." <etc.> (Stops and stares into the fire)


I am the Spirit of the Rover. I led you to adulthood and self-destiny. We chose to give back the love we were given through Service.

OLD MAN (Resumes shuffling)
<Rover Memory> e.g. "Rovers. I could never forget Rovers. Helping out at Dream-On, putting on District campfires. And then there were the Moots and Road trips. And camps, camps, camps." (Slows down and begins to sink to the ground. He is dying.)

ALL SPIRITS (Walk straight into the campfire circle from where they stand, if possible. They should all arrive at the Old Man's body at the same time. Wait a moment or two.)
"We are the brotherhood of Scouting". <Each section says its name in order - BEAVERS, CUBS, SCOUTS, VENTURERS, ROVERS.>
"If you grow up with Scouting you are NEVER alone."

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The Great Grey Ghost Elephant

In deepest darkest Africa there is a legend concerning the Great Grey Ghost Elephant. Every year after the rains the great grey ghost elephant arose from the mists and wandered through out the land at dawn. When he came to a village he would stop and sniff the air, then he would either go around the village or through it. If he went around the village the village would have a prosperous year, if he went through it there would be hunger and drought. The village of Wat-cha had been visited three years in a row by the elephant and things were very bad indeed, and the village leaderGing-ganga, was very worried, as was the village medicine man Hay-la-shay. Together they decided to do something about the problem.

Now Ging-ganga and his warriors were huge men with big shields and Spears and they decided to stand in the path of the elephant and shake their shields and swords at it to frighten it off.

Hay-la-shay and his followers were going to cast magic spells to deter the elephant by shaking their medicine bags as the elephant approached which made the sound shalawally shallawlly shallawally.

Very early in the morning of the day the Great Grey Elephant came the villagers gathered at the edge of the village on one side were Ging-gana and his warriors (indicate right side of camp fire circle)
on the other was Hay-la-shay and his followers (indicate left side of camp fire)

As they waited the warriors sang softly about their leader

Ging Gang Gooli, Gooli, Gooli, Gooli Watcha
Ging Gang Goo Ging Gang Goo
Ging Gang Gooli, Gooli, Gooli, Gooli Watcha
Ging Gang Goo Ging Gang Goo

As they waited the medicine men sang of their leader

Hayla, Hayla Shayla Heyla Shayla Halya Ho-o-o!
Hayla, Hayla Shayla Heyla Shayla Halya Ho-o-o!

And shook their medicine bags

shallawally shallawlly shallawally shallawally.

And from the river came the mighty great grey elephants reply (Have all the adults do this)

Oompha Oompah Ompah Oompah!

The elephant was coming closer so the warriors beat their shields and sang louder (signal warriors to stand and beat thighs in time)

Ging Gang Gooli, Gooli, Gooli, Gooli Watcha
Ging Gang Goo Ging Gang Goo
Ging Gang Gooli, Gooli, Gooli, Gooli Watcha
Ging Gang Goo Ging Gang Goo

then the medicine men rose and sang loudly

Hayla, Hayla Shayla Heyla Shayla Halya Ho-o-o!
Hayla, Hayla Shayla Heyla Shayla Halya Ho-o-o!

And shook their medicine bags

shallawally shallawlly shallawally shallawally.

And mighty great grey elephant turn aside and went around the village saying

Oompha Oompah Ompah Oompah!

There was great rejoicing in the village and all the villagers joined to sing

Ging Gang Gooli ........

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Smokey Bear

Smokey (narrator): (tips ranger hat) Need a camper (another person can do the sound effects, as Smokey reads story.)

Sound effects:

Big Tree-Drop a rock into basket or can (plunk)

Middle-sized tree-Drop a pencil into a basket or can (plank).

Baby tree-Drop a paper clip into basket or can (plink).

Babbling brook-Blow through a soda straw into water (gurgle-gurgle).

Camper--as directed in narrative.

Fire-Crumple a piece of paper (crackle).

Once upon a time in the deep, dark woods, there stood 3 trees -- the big tree (plunk), the middle-sized tree (plank), and the baby tree (plink) that stood near a babbling brook (gurgle, gurgle). The camper (lays a fire) carelessly started a fire (crackle) without clearing the ground for 10’ around it and when the camper left the campsite (picks up pack and leaves) he didn’t make sure the fire (crackle) was "dead out". The next day the fire (crackle) started to burn again. All of the animals heard the sound of fire (crackle) and could smell the smoke and their smarted. A Bear cub’s eyes smarted so much that he couldn’t see where his mother was and so he did what he was taught when danger came. He climbed the biggest tree he could find (plunk).

The fire (crackle) roared by and it burned the baby tree (plink) and burned the middle-sized tree (plank) and it just singed the big tree (plunk) that had me the Bear cub in it. After the fire (crackle) had gone by, I was found by a Forest Ranger all singed and scared. The Ranger helped heal my burns and named me "Smokey" (tips his hat) to remind all campers (put pack on back) to be careful of fires (crackle) and to protect the big sized trees (plunk), the middle-sized trees (plank), and the baby trees (plink) so that we may enjoy these forests that have the babbling brooks (gurgle, gurgle) flowing through them. "REMEMBER! ONLY YOU CAN PREVENT FOREST FIRES." (tips hat)

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Sparkler Winter Songs

Divide the audience into four groups. As their cue comes up, they stand and sing one line of their song.

Winter=Dashing through the snow.

Santa=Jolly old St. Nicholas

Sleigh=Sleighbells ring, are you listening?

Reindeer=Rudolph the red nosed reindeer

Once upon a time, on a cold, dark WINTER night, SANTA sat in his workshop trying to decide what to do. His SLEIGH had a broken runner, his elves were behind schedule on toy production, his REINDEER were suffering from lack of exercise and weak; and he, SANTA, had a bad cold. With Christmas only days away, and the WINTER weather cold and snowy, SANTA was depressed. Rudolph, his most famous REINDEER, was unable to get his nose recharged, so that it barely glowed at all. In a practice run, the SLEIGH with the broken runner scarcely got off the ground. with the toys to make, the elves were stopping work early to watch the Gong show. "Goodness me!" SANTA cried, "How will I ever get everything complete by Christmas Eve?"

Out of the cold WINTER night, trudged a cold, hungry old man. "SANTA" cried the cold, hungry old man, "If you will give me a hot meal and a warm place to sleep, I will fix your SLEIGH, cure your REINDEER, fix Rudolph’s nose, and get the elves to work faster. SANTA quickly agreed. After they had eaten and had a good nights sleep, the old man went to work. First he plugged the nose of Rudolph, the re-nosed REINDEER into the TV set. This charged Rudolph’s nose so that it glowed more brightly than ever, and it also blew a fuse on the TV set. This enabled the elves to work later since they couldn’t watch the Gong Show. They quickly caught up to schedule. In the meantime, the old man used parts of the TV set chassis to fix the runner on the SLEIGH. The REINDEER, not able to watch TV began to run in the snow and quickly regained their strength. SANTA slept better and got rid of his cold. So it was that, because the old man knew the true value of the TV, everything was ready; and on Dec. 24th, SANTA hitched his REINDEER to the SLEIGH, and rode off into the WINTER sky.

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Winter Sparkler

Divide the audience into five groups. As their cue comes up, they stand and say one of the following lines.

Winter=stand, shiver, rub arms, and say "Brrrrrr".

Cubmaster=Stand and give the Chinese cheer.

Sleigh=Stand and say "jingle, jingle, jingle"

Den Mother=Stand, shake finger, and say "Now boys!"

Horse=Stand and say "Clip-clop, clip-clop, clip-clop.

Once upon a time, on a cold day in WINTER, a CUBMASTER took his Pack on a SLEIGH rid. Naturally, all of the DEN MOTHERS begged to go along; so the CUBMASTER allowed them to ride on the SLEIGH in the cold WINTER weather. As the HORSES pulled the SLEIGH through the woods and fields on the cold WINTER day, all of the Cubs sang songs as they sat quietly on the SLEIGH. The CUBMASTER and the DEN MOTHERS, however, would not behave, but kept running around, pushing each other off the SLEIGH, and frightening the HORSES. The Cubs tried their best to restore order, but as soon as they began to sing in beautiful harmony, the DEN MOTHERS would again begin to scream, push, kick, throw snow, and otherwise act in a rowdy manner. The CUBMASTER would only laugh, scaring the HORSES, rolling in the snow.

"Look at me," the CUBMASTER would scream in glee, as he did a somersault off the SLEIGH into the cold WINTER snow. "He’s going to break his neck," laughed the DEN MOTHERS, who by now had lost their mittens, scarves, and caps. "Please," implored the Cub Scouts, "Try to behave or we will never go on another SLEIGH ride again!" The DEN MOTHERS quieted down briefly, but as soon as the Cub Scouts began to point out the pristine beauty of the snow-covered landscape, the CUBMASTER began throwing hay at the DEN MOTHERS, filling their boots with snow, and shouting loudly in an attempt to frighten the HORSES. This time the HORSES were frightened and began to run away through the woods, with the SLEIGH bouncing behind. One by one, the DEN MOTHERS and the CUBMASTER were thrown off the SLEIGH into the cold WINTER snow as the HORSES ran faster and faster through the woods. Then, just as the CUBMASTER was flying off of the SLEIGH and heading straight for a tree, he woke up.

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Oscar and His Dream Trip

Write the following words and phrases on cards (one to a card) and distribute them to the audience. As you read the story and come to a blank, each member in turn reads his card aloud.

Light Bulb  Golf Club  Glass of Milk  Baby Chick

Pink Mouse  Bicycle  Coffee Pot  Cake of Soap

Sour Pickle  Pillow   Bunch of Bananas Black Snake

Rubber Band  Harmonica  Elephant  Motorcycle

Oscar followed the little creek to where it passed by the stone wall and sand cliffs. The spring air was full of ____ and the gentle whisper of the wind. He was getting tired from such a long walk and sat down to rest on a ____. It was then that he noticed a yellow door in the side of a sandy cliff.

"This is very strange," Oscar thought. "I’ve been here often and have never noticed that door before." He got up with true Cub Scout curiosity and went to the door. He was surprised to find that it opened easily. Inside he was surprised to see a huge ____ and a ____.

Just then a ____ jumped out at him and said, "Will you stay for dinner?" A ____ told Oscar to shut the door while a ____ stared fearfully at him with big eyes. At the sound of the door closing, a ____ got up ran around in circles at Oscar’s feet.

Oscar sat down at a table. he sat beside a ____ which was always poking a ____ with a ____. Then a ____ brought in a big silver platter on which Oscar saw a scrumptious looking ____. Everyone began to eat. When the waiter brought in a big bowl of fried ____, Oscar decided he really wasn’t hungry.

He excused himself and nearly tripped over a ____ as he left the table. He saw a ____ which he thought would make a nice pet, but he knew his mother wouldn’t let him keep it. Oscar also saw a ____ which he would have liked to take home to put in his room. But when he went to pick it up, a ____ slapped him on the hand and told him to leave it alone.

Oscar thought that some of the things in this house were very rude, especially a ____ which kept interrupting when everyone else was talking. With a loud noise, a ____ came running through the door very frightened, followed by a ____ and a ____. That was when Oscar knew it was time to leave.

As Oscar tried to get to the door, a ____ caught him around the neck and held on tightly. Oscar got away and rushed out the door very frightened. He took one last look at a ____ which was right behind him. Breathlessly, he banged the door shut and ran. He sat down to catch his breath. When he next looked at the cliff, he saw that the door was gone, and he was very sleepy.

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A Lesson For The Big Bugs

Divide the audience into four groups. As their cue comes up, they stand and say one of the following lines.

Bees=Buzz-buzz    Frog=Croak-croak

Ants=Hup-2-3-4    Woods=All the sounds together


This is a story about Billy and his family and their adventures in the WOODS. One fine spring day, Billy’s family decided it was a good day for a picnic in the WOODS where they could enjoy nature. They packed a nice lunch and left on their outing.

As soon as they arrived at their destination, they picked out a nice spot to spread their picnic. Billy and his brother ran off to chase a FROG. They heard some BEES gathering nectar, and watched some ANTS busy at work. They even swatted some MOSQUITOS and felt right at home with their nature friends.

When they got back to the picnic area, they began telling the rest of the family about the WOODS: the BEES, the ANTS, the FROG, and even the MOSQUITOS. Dad listened intently as he opened another sandwich and carelessly threw the wrapper n the ground. Their sister threw her pop can under a bush, and ran off to chase a FROG that stopped by. Mom threw her napkin on the ground and jumped up in disgust. "That does it", she said. "The ANTS seem to have taken over our lunch."

Dad stretched out for a nap and had just about dozed off when he heard sister scream. She had been stung by a BEE. Mom took care of her, so Dad tried again to sleep. But this time the pesky MOSQUITOS would not leave him alone. Finally, he said they were going home.

Billy said, " It seems to me that the WOODS and the MOSQUITOS and the ANTS and the BEES are trying to tell us something." "What’s that," asked Dad. "Well," said Billy, "Just look around here and you will see that we haven’t been very nice visitors in the WOODS. Look at all the trash we’ve thrown around. It seems that we’re the worst bugs of all---litterbugs."

So the family started to clean up the mess and afterwards they all felt better. They took a nice walk though the WOODS listening to the sounds. They actually enjoyed the buzzing of the BEES, the croaking of the green FROGS, and they even watched an army of ANTS at work.

When they returned home, they were tired, but happy that they learned an important lesson that day. The worst kind of bug is a litterbug.

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A Space Odd-essy

Divide the audience into three groups to respond to the following words:


Flying Saucer=I see it.

After the name of any heavenly body=NASA, Yassuh!

THALASH, a one-eyed, one horned, three legged flying furry foreigner from far off JUPITER, one day jumped (at least it was a close approximation of jumping) into his FLYING SAUCER, a deluxe, specially souped up Centurion Super Six, and zapped his way across the MILKY WAY at what some would say was a frightful speed.

As his FLYING SAUCER sped past BETELGEUSE the other major star in the constellation ORION, THALASH bid a fond farewell to his home and set a course for an area adjacent to URSA MAJOR (the BIG DIPPER) and URSA MINOR (the LITTLE DIPPER) to visit a small solar system he’d been studying in his search for other intelligent beings, and from which emanated electrical disturbances on many wave-lengths.

Using the relatively small, yellow STAR as a beacon, he eventually found his way to the system he sought--nine PLANETS and a narrow ASTEROID BELT. Maneuvering his FLYING SAUCER deftly about, he first decided the biggest PLANET with the most MOONS must be the dominant one. But there were no inhabitants, no vast electrical disturbances, just a surface raging with methane storms. So THALASH fired up his souped up Centurian Super Six FLYING SAUCER once again and headed for the third PLANET, where he had noticed evidence of activity.

Drawing close, THALASH first encountered two strange little white objects in orbit. The first had been launched many years ago, with nothing more than a piece of wood, by a sport’s figure named "Babe". The second more recently had been launched by a figure from the same sport named "Hank". He also ran across some artificial satellites and debris.

THALASH monitored the high and low frequency waves omitted from various spots, and learned that this PLANET was called EARTH by its inhabitants. He learned that in the area known as North America, another one of those strange bursts of electrical energy would take place in less than two revolutions of the PLANET and learned its cause. Two days later, THALASH was nearly blasted out of orbit as something called the Super Bowl flashed on his viewing screen. Viewing it as a primitive form of combat, THALASH judged the inhabitants to be at a low rung on the evolutionary ladder and headed his Super Six FLYING SAUCER once again for home. He was disappointed in not finding really intelligent life in this sector of the GALAXY. "Oh well" thought THALASH. "Maybe I’ll have better luck the next time."

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A Trip Into Outer Space

Divide the audience into 6 groups to respond with the following sound effects:

Whistling  Clucking (tongues)  Snapping (fingers)

Clapping (hands) Clicking (heels)  Stamping (feet)

Our story is about two astronauts who land on a plant in outer space. There they are greeted by all kinds of weird sounds, like WHISTLING, CLUCKING, SNAPPING, CLAPPING, CLICKING, and STAMPING. A strange but fascinating world. All of a sudden out of nowhere, appear six rather tiny creatures, with bright beady eyes, sharp pointed teeth, long whiskers, pointed noses, stringy tails, and hair all over their bodies. They introduce themselves as WHISTLE, CLUCK, SNAP, CLAP, CLICK, and STAMP.

"We’ve come along way" says the astronauts. "Over 200,000 miles." WHISTLE, through his sharp teeth exclaim "You must be Earth people." CLUCK, his pointed nose twitching says, "Earth people? What strange looking fellows." SNAP, his long ears bristling says, "And look at the funny suits they’re wearing." CLAP, whipping his long tail in the air declares, "And see what they came in." CLICK, his nose sniffing says, "What on earth...I mean, what in the world is it?" STAMP, his hair standing on end answers, "It’s a spaceship. I hear everyone on Earth drives one these days."

The astronauts, not knowing what kind of reception they would get on this strange planet, take an immediate liking to their new friends, WHISTLE, CLUCK, SNAP, CLAP, CLICK, and STAMP. They ask their new friends to tell them something about this wonderful place. WHISTLE says, "It’s a yummy, yummy place to live." CLUCK says, "We have lots of good things to eat here." SNAP says, "We all have all we can possibly eat." CLAP says, "It’s a delicious world we live in." The astronauts thought it was funny that their new friends had one-track minds. All they talked about was eating.

They ask WHISTLE, "Do you have chocolate sundaes with whipped cream and nuts?" WHISTLE replies, "No we have something much better." They ask CLUCK, "Do you have hamburgers with catsup, mustard, and pickles?" CLUCK replies, "No, but we have something much tastier." They ask CLICK, "Do you have corn on the cob smothered in butter?" CLICK answers, "No, something even better." They ask STAMP, "Do you have jelly beans, peppermint sticks, or other candy?" STAMP replies, "No, but we have something much sweet than candy." They ask SNAP, " Do you have triple layer chocolate cake with chocolate frosting?" SNAP replies, "No, we never eat that." They ask CLAP, "Do you have soda pop?" CLAP replies, "No, we wouldn’t think of drinking soda pop."

The astronauts are really baffled by this time. These funny creatures with their beady eyes, pointed teeth, long whiskers, pointed noses, stringy tails, and hair all over their bodies say it’s a delicious place to live. The astronauts say, "What planet is this anyway?" "The Moon!" shout WHISTLE, CLUCK, SNAP, CLAP, CLICK, and STAMP. "Haven’t you heard? The moon is made of green cheese!"

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At The Farm

Divide audience into 4 groups. Each group responds to 2 of the following--one from the leaders and one from the animals and car.

Cubmaster=Chinese cheer

Den Leader=Now, boys!

Webelos Den Leader=Watermelon cheer

Song Leader=Encore, Encore, Encore


Pig=oink oink oink


Old Car=chug a chug a chug a

Once upon a time a CUBMASTER, a DEN LEADER, a WEBELOS DEN LEADER, and a SONG LEADER were traveling across the countryside in an OLD CAR. As the night approached, they passed a farm. Grazing in the pasture were a COW, a PIG, and a SHEEP. Rain began to fall as darkness closed in around them. Suddenly the OLD CAR stopped dead. Unable to fix the OLD CAR, the CUBMASTER, the DEN LEADER, the WEBELOS DEN LEADER, and the SONG LEADER walked back to the farm on which they had seen the COW, the PIG, and the SHEEP.

Greeted at the farmhouse door by the farmer, the CUBMASTER, the DEN LEADER, the WEBELOS DEN LEADER, and the SONG LEADER asked to spend the night. "Certainly", said the farmer. "I myself have an OLD CAR and know how undependable they can be. But I only have room for 3 in my small house and one of you will have to sleep in the barn with my COW, my PIG, and my SHEEP." "That’s ok", said the CUBMASTER, "I will sleep in the barn."

Ten minutes passed and there was a knock on the door of the farmhouse. When the farmer opened the door, there stood the CUBMASTER. "I’m sorry", he said, "but the COW made so much noise I couldn’t sleep." "I’m use to COWS", said the DEN LEADER, "I’ll sleep in the barn."

Ten minutes passed and there was another knock on the farmhouse door. The farmer opened the door and allowed the DEN LEADER to enter. "I’m sorry", said the DEN LEADER, "I may be use to COWS, but the PIG made such a racket that I couldn’t sleep." "Think nothing of it", said the WEBELOS DEN LEADER, "I’m use to COWS and PIGS. I will sleep in the barn."

Another ten minutes passed and there was another knock on the farmhouse door. "I’m use to COWS and PIGS", said the WEBELOS DEN LEADER when the door was opened, "but the SHEEP made such a noise that I couldn’t sleep." "Then I’ll sleep in the barn", said the SONG LEADER, "but before I go to sleep I will practice the songs for the next pack meeting."

The farmer went to bed for the night, but immediately there was yet another knock on the door. He got up and opened the door. There stood the COW, the PIG, and the SHEEP.

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Our Cub Scout, Tim, seems to be having trouble deciding between right and wrong. Have your Cubs help him by cheering when he does something good and booing when he does something bad.

Tim was a happy Cub Scout. One day he was playing in his yard when his Dad said, "Let’s go on a picnic." Tim dropped his catcher’s mitt, yelled "Oh boy", kicked the dog out of his way, and ran to the car. He saw that their car litter bag was full; so he ran to empty it. It was a long ride to the park and Tim amused himself by tearing up a paper napkin and tossed little bits of it out the car window to see them fly away. When they got to the park, Tim saw that the people who were there before had left pop cans all over. His asked his mom for a bag and gathered them all up. Then he threw the bag in the trash can. They had a nice lunch and Tim ate so many hot dogs that when the wind blew a Baggie off the table, he didn’t even get up to catch it. After awhile, Tim decided to go on a hike. He ran down the trail hooping and yelling. Suddenly he stopped and looked. Straight ahead was a bird sitting on a nest right within easy reach. Wouldn’t it be fun to take the nest home? "Nope, that’s her home." thought Tim and he walked quietly around the bird so she wouldn’t be scared. Further on he saw an ant hill with lots of busy ants running around it. His foot came up, his foot came down. Squash went the ant hill. Off went Tim to meet his mom and dad. They were just packing up to go home. "Wait! We have to be sure our campfire is out," said Tim. So they poured more water on it, stirred it, found it was out, and they all went home.

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The Big Wheel

Divide the audience into four groups to respond to the following words.

Big Wheel=Spin,spin

Canoe=Paddle, paddle


Cars=Rattle, rattle, bang

Man has invented may different things which go and have provided him with transportation down through the years. The Indian made his CANOE which took him from place to place and served his purpose well. Men like Henry Ford invented CARS which today is the most popular type of transportation. There were men like the Wright Brothers who pioneered the invention of the AIRPLANE. And then there is a group of people called the BIG WHEELS who really don’t go any place or do anything, but they like to feel important.

This story is about one of those BIG WHEELS who just sat and spun his wheels and felt so important while he was doing nothing at all. Everyone around him was working on new and better types of CANOES, designing new and more efficient CARS, and designing and testing new and faster AIRPLANES. But our BIG WHEEL just sat around feeling important, not doing anything to help anybody, while everyone else was doing the work.

Somehow he always seemed to get by and fool people into thinking that he was important because everyone around him was making progress. The BIG WHEEL depended on their brains and energy to make him look good. Finally, one day something happened that changed things overnight for the BIG WHEEL.

Everyone who had been working on the CANOES, the CARS, and the AIRPLANES decided it was time to teach BIG WHEEL a lesson. They were tired of him doing nothing except acting important. So they all became very busy and didn’t pay any attention to him. When something came up, the BIG WHEEL found he couldn’t rely on the others to answer questions and make him look important. Finally, the BIG WHEEL realized that he could not accomplish anything without help from others. He realized he was making no contribution to the world at all. He was just sitting there spinning his wheels while the others accomplished a lot of CANOES, CARS, and AIRPLANES. BIG WHEEL felt very bad.

It was a terrible feeling when BIG WHEEL finally realized something he should have known all along. If you’re going to get any place in this world, you can’t expect other people to do all the work. You must learn to do your part and paddle your own CANOE.

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Ongoing Riddles

Flag raising: Which takes longer: to raise the Flag to full mast or half mast? Why?

Answer: Half mast because regulations require that the flag must be raised to the top of the pole before it is lowered to half mast.

Elephant’s Tail: Do you think that an elephant feels annoyed when he sees his funny tail?

Answer: No, he never sees his tail.

Peacock’s Egg: If our camp owned a peacock and it laid an egg in a farmer’s field next to camp, who would the egg belong to? Why?

Answer: Nobody. Only peahens lay eggs.

Dog Trot: How far can a dog run into the woods? Why?

Answer: A dog can only run half way into the woods. When it reaches that point, it will be coming out.

The Barrel: With what would you fill a barrel to make it lighter than when it is empty?

Answer: Holes

Why is your nose not 12" long? Because it’s not a foot.

What’s the best way to raise strawberries? With a spoon.

Why is a quarrel like a bargain? It takes 2 to make it.

What do liars do after death? Lie still.

What goes up and never comes down? Your age.

What has 18 legs and catches flies? A baseball team.

How many does daddy, mother, and baby make? 2 and 1 to carry.

What’s the safest way to double your money? Fold it in half.

Why do cowboys wear such big hats? To cover their heads.

If you don’t know his name, what can you call a tailor? Mr. So and so.

What letter is a beverage? T

What letter is a vegetable? P

What letter is a body of water? C

What letter is a sheep? U

What letter is a bird? J

What letter is a question? Y

What letter is a slang expression? G

What letter is a verb of debt? O

What letter do you see with? I

What letter is a girl’s name? K

What letter makes honey? B

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